Promotional leaflets for Mass Market Retailers

We print millions of promotional leaflets for European and Italian Mass Market Retailers, our technology enables us to print at a very high print run and printing speed, it permits us to manage logistics and to personalise each single leaflet.

Promotional leaflets for Mass Market Retailers

We print millions of promotional leaflets for Mass Market Retailers, even personalising each one of them

Each year Mediagraf prints millions of promotional leaflets for the most important European and Italian stores of Mass Market Retailers. Leaflets are still nowadays the most used technique by supermarkets, superstores, discounts and shopping centres to reach customers at their house.

Mediagraf spends a lot of attention in assuring high print run, high production rate and logistics management to be able to satisfy all needs and wants in the MMR promotion world.

We are able to produce in very short time, as requested in the Mass Market Retailers world where time to market has to be very short, enormous amounts of leaflets in many different formats.

Print customised leaflets (each one different from the other)

Marketing trends in the last few years have been pushing toward communication individualisation. Different targets cannot be reached with a unique message, personalized messages have to exist. Therefore we have invested in innovative printing technologies, which allow us to meet needs and expectations of this new market.

Mediagraf is to this day able to print directly with a rotary printing process a progressive and unique barcode or data matrix, or any other kind of variable element. This means that enormous quantities of promotional leaflets can be printed using roto-offset technology and making each leaflet different from one another.

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11 December 2018