We pursue a low ecological footprint in all our activities, avoiding waste and using also recycled raw materials to protect the environment.


Mediagraf founds its charter of corporate values on the following principles:

  • Respect and safeguard of the environment, with care towards the use of resources and the promotion of anti-wastefulness behaviours
  • Contribution to sustainable development, pursuing present objectives without compromising future generations possibilities to satisfy their needs;

We have decided to implement for the commercial promotion  a variety of products and articles with a low ecological footprint, developed with recycled raw materials.

In addition, we have successfully completed chain of custody certifications for products from the forestry industry PEFCtm and FSC®, committing day after day and continuatively for the respect of principles and prescriptions made by certifying bodies.

We are aware that the ideal of environment respect remains effective when widespread within the organization, becoming part of the mentality of people working within different areas of the company.

Following these ideals, we have introduced an Environmental management system complying with standard UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 and EMAS 1221/2009 Regulation.

Mediagraf’s photovoltaic plant

In April 2011, Mediagraf took a responsible step towards the respect and protection of the environment, and installed a photovoltaic plant of circa 12.000 square meters, positioned on the top of the building. 7.143 panels  with polysilicon technology (served from more than 30 inverters)  have been installed, bringing numerous advantages such as being independent from fossil fuels (finite resource).

Its productive capacity collocates Mediagraf photovoltaic plant as one of the most powerful installations in the Province of Padova. Energy consumption is reduced by more than 10% reaching 35% during summer thanks to the annual production of over 1.500.000 kWh of energy. Mediagraf’s has obtained an acknowledgement for the planned incentives from the third Conto Energia for the production of electricity.

Thank you for sharing this moment with us.Mediagraf Spa
11 December 2018